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Handwriting Analyst and Document Examiners

Coverage for damages resulting from negligent acts, errors or omissions on the part of the Insured in professional services rendered or which should have been rendered in the Insured's professional capacity as a Handwriting Analyst or Document Examiner.

Personal Injury Coverage

Covers damages resulting from personal injury sustained by any person or organization arising out of one of the following offenses committed or alleged to have been committed by the Insured while acting in the professional capacity of a Handwriting Analyst or Document Examiner.

False arrest, detention, or imprisonment

The publication or utterance of a libel or slander or other defamatory or disparaging material, or a publication or utterance in violation of an individuals right of privacy, except publications or utterances in the course of or related to advertising, broadcasting or telecasting activities conducted by or on behalf of the Insured.

Optional Coverages

  • Extended Claims Reporting Period (ERP) Coverage

Limits of Liability

  • $100,000 per claim / $100,000 aggregate
  • $250,000 per claim / $250,000 aggregate
  • $500,000 per claim / $500,000 aggregate
  • $1,000,000 per claim / $1,000,000 aggregate

Minimum deductibles:

  • $500 for Handwriting Analysts
  • $1,000 for Document Examiners

Please note

This insurance will be quoted through the National Association of Salaried Professionals Purchasing Group where applicable.